Lost Your Cell Phone?

I lost my iPhone yesterday. The experience has been oddly refreshing but also disorienting. Not having it at my side almost every minute of the day has been really interesting. I find myself reaching for it repeatedly–to check my e-mail, to see if I’ve missed any texts, to check the temperature outside, but it’s not there. At first I was worried that I couldn’t check my various e-mail accounts while being out and about. I might be missing that one, important work-life-day-changing e-mail. Alas, when I logged into my e-mail on my laptop, no life-changing e-mails were to be found–sure, important work-related e-mail but not life-changers. Plus, people can’t instantly get ahold of me. It’s a very freeing feeling. I feel a bit like I’m playing hide and seek!

Once I get through the craziness of obtaining a new phone (and the anxiety of worrying someone will get into my old one), I’ll be reconsidering my relationship with my phone.